Welcome to Whirlwind Siberians

We are a small kennel located in central Alberta, close to red deer. our dogs are more then just dogs they are family, they live in the house with us, sleep on our couches and steal the covers at night. our dogs mean the world to us!

We travel around British Colombia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, competing in conformation events. This summer the dogs will focus on Learning sled commands and working as a team, for our plans this coming winter of fun. Other then being fun loving for legged family members when not competing, we also go hiking, camping, and we run the dog with a sled in the winter and a quad in the summer.


We strongly believe in heath testing, and do all heath testing on the dogs in our breeding program and eyes test on pups not in our breeding program. We believe the more information we gather about the breed the higher our chances of breeding out these aliments.

we only breed when we are looking to ad to our breeding program. In doing so we strive to pick the best matches, for both heath and temperament. Any Pup that leaves our home is one we would have been proud to have as a member of our family as well.

If you have any questions or would like to chat, feel free to email me.