Welcome to Whirlwind Siberians

Here at whirlwind Siberians we believe in unlocking every dogs true potential, be it showing, working, wonderful pets, or all 3. Our fury family members have their own heated kennel on the property, as well as coming into our house to have cuddle time and watch movies. They all take turns sleeping in the house with us as well.

From our home East of Berwyn we travel all around western Canada, competing in different events. we strongly believe in producing healthy and sound dogs, if a dog wouldn’t be able to stay here and show, or work its not a pup we want to produce. To achieve this goal we heath test all of our breeding dog, CERF Exam, OFA hips and elbows. we also complete CERF on all puppies we produce even if not in our breeding program, this is done at no charge to their owners. The more information we collect about heath in our lines and the Siberian Husky breed as a whole will benefit the breed as we work towards the goal of eliminating this health issues. All breeding pairs are selected for compatibility of structural soundness and health.

If you have any questions or would like to chat, fell free to call me at 403 505 5471