We have two upcoming litters. One is due July 21st out of our beautiful Spirit by our stud Ashur. The second litter is not until late winter or early spring and is out of our Destiny, stud will be announced when litter is confirmed.

Dam Spirit

Stud Ashur

This is a woops litter, we where not planning to have a litter until winter. These two had other plans, Ashur has proven to be very good at breaking out of his kennel and going though metal mesh windows to get what he wants.

The do however make a great pair and compliment each other very well. This is a pairing we had considered in the future, but not now as spirit hasn’t completed all her health checks.

Ashur has completed his eyes and hips and has passed both. spirit has passed her eye exams but she must be two in order to have hips done.